Nature's Dress Code: Who Wears What And Why


Nature's Dress Code: Who Wears What And Why

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Every living creature, from the tiny amoeba to the majestic blue whale, needs a suitable coat. Nature relies on ingenious materials and daring designs. From impact-resistant armor to silky soft cuddly fur. Every style of fashion seems to be allowed. But a closer look shows that all animals are bound by strict rules of clothing. Frogs or salamanders need thin, permeable skin, while crustaceans or beetles rely on hard armor. And of course: Anything that has warm blood is sensitive to cold weather and cannot survive without properly insulating clothing.

Within such guidelines, nature unfolds a breathtaking creativity in terms of clothing. For example the Pangolin in the African savannah wears an extravagant protective suit, which even lions fail to get through. Water fleas quickly create tailor-made armor according to who threatens them. And sea goldies even change their sex with their clothing.

Each season has its unique collection in the animal kingdom as well. In spring, ruffs build imposing collars and feather wigs to impress and seduce. During summer, however, it is important to keep cool - which is not easy in a cow’s or horse’s fur coat. Here nature comes up with the most brilliant functional clothing.

Nature does its best to provide all animals with the adequate wardrobe. But even in the animal kingdom, appearance is not everything: With the right clothing has to come the right behavior.

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