On 18 April 2015, a nameless boat sank off the coast of Libya, killing an estimated 800 migrants.

A Chef's Life

This cooking series follows the trials and travails of Chef Vivian Howard, her husband, and their farm-to-table restaurant.


A Girl’s Guide to Hunting, Fishing & Wild Cooking

This series follow chef, Analiese Gregory, as she steps out of the commercial kitchen to build a new life close to nature.

A Long Weekend In... with Rory O'Connell

Rory O’Connell is enjoying the culture as well as the cuisine of eight European cities.


A Mild Touch Of Cancer

David Downs had just months to live when he entered a clinical trial of an innovative cancer treatment in the U.S.

A Peace of Nourishment

We follow Kylie’s fight against her eating disorder


Accidental Wilderness: Europe's Everglades

What used to be dirty water from the city of Münster, was transformed into refuge to some of the most threatened animals.


Adrian Dunbar's Coastal Ireland

Adrian Dunbar is reconnecting with his roots as he travels the wild and rugged west and north coasts of Ireland.

Africa’s Wild Roommates - How Animals Share Bed and Board

Many roommates from different species live together. From small insects, reptiles and birds to large mammals.

Albi's Mappa Mundi: The World Of Yesterday

In an ancient town in the southwest of France lies Albi’s Mappa Mundi, the oldest known representation of the world as a whole.

Algae: The New Superplant

This documentary shows how scientists are using algae in innovative new ways for our future.

America’s Most Unusual Festivals

AMERICA'S MOST UNUSUAL FESTIVALS is your VIP pass to the craziest annual celebrations that the US of A has to offer.

An American Satan

An immersive journey into one the most fascinating phenomena of American religious pluralism.

And There Was Music

Through the story of this journey, through image and sound, this film will seek to show how music, ultimately, is inseparable from our humanity.


Antarctica From Above

Antarctica From Above explores one of the most remote, and least-visited parts of the world.

Apex Gangs

A deep and revealing portrait of a gang who are either a threat to Australia or just a media beat-up posing as a moral panic.

Appetite For Adventure

Discover with Stephanie Harris-Uyidi exotic places and pescatarian dishes.

Arctic Farmer

Kari-Anne Nilsen follows her dream of living a modern life based on an ancient way of farming which was about to be lost.

Arctic Quest

Geoff Wilson and Simon Goodburn wants to set the record for the fastest kite-ski crossing of Greenland’s ice sheet.


Archeologist, Peter Eeckhout, travels to meet his colleagues, unpacks their research, and reveals their latest findings around the world.

Arm Nation

Arm Nation focuses on the training, competitions and personal life of men and women who compete in one of the world’s oldest sports.

Asteroid Mining, The New El Dorado

Long time considered as Science Fiction, asteroid-mining exploitation is on the verge of becoming a reality.

Back To The Moon

Hour by hour, we relive the crucial moments of those 8 days, 3 hours, 18 minutes and 35 seconds.

Banquet of the Beasts: The Cycle of Life

What happens when an animal perishes in the depths of the forest? Who clears up the remains?

Bardot, Rebel With A Cause

The biography on the famous actress-turned-animal activist.


A fun educational series counting down the top ten beasts on 40 different themes.

Beasts and Witches

Animals become the victims of our fears. Why not challenge those beliefs?

Behind The Glitter: Child Labour In Mica Mining

Under the constant threat of landslides and toxic dust, children dig through the earth with their bare hands to find mica for comestics.

Beirut, La Vie En Rose

We follow the lives of four members of the Lebanese Christian elite.

Bhutan: The Dictatorship Of Happiness

Bhutan is a country reputed for its exquisite natural beauty and the importance its people place on individual happiness. But behind this idyllic façade there lies a more sinister reality.

Big Fish Big Adventure

James and his crew deliver a true adventure experience and Mother Nature’s ability to throw the unexpected at them, at any time.


Biggest Singalong

Biggest Singalong! is a live event guided by a choirmaster who teaches the audience to sing timeless classics led by an orchestra.

Bike World

Bike World is dedicated to entertaining every two wheel fan with its vibrant mix of subject-matter.

Billionaire Wonderland

Yasmine Akram visits the very different playgrounds of the super-rich around the globe.

Biotech: The World Of Microorganisms

Biotechnology uses natural cellular and bimolecular processes to develop new technologies or improve existing products.


Birdsville tells the colourful story of this iconic Outback town in Queensland that’s best known for the annual Birdsville Races.

Bolsonaro: The Story Of A Breakdown

This film follows four people from different backgrounds one year after Jair Bolonsonaro was sworn in as president of Brazil.

Bondi Forever

Bondi Forever is an entertaining and engaging journey from Bondi’s past to its present.

Born to Cook - Jack Stein Down Under

Along with Rick Stein, Jack is in Australia looking for new ideas for the Rick Stein restaurants in the UK and Australia.

Bowled Over

Bowled Over centers on a troupe of drag performers, Taboo, who have found an unlikely following in Ipswich, Queensland.

Brave New Wilderness

This is a film about New Zealand’s unique and endangered landscapes told through the stories of the kākāpō and the takahē.

Brazil: Beef, Bibles and Bullets

The election of President Jair Bolsonaro was made possible by three powerful groups — large landowners, evangelical clergy and the military.


BREAKPOINT looks back at 200 years of development to provide an alternative view of our history of progress.

Brexit: The Backstage of a Divorce

For the first time in European history, a country is withdrawing from the European Union

Bureau 39: Kim's Cash Machine

Nothing is too unscrupulous for North Korea’s money makers.

Burning Man: A Whale In The Desert

Thousands of people descend upon Black Rock, a desert north of Nevada for this unique celebration.

Cannes 1939

This documentary blends politics, history and cinema, relating a very special moment: the triggering of the Second World War.

Canoe in the Snow

One man ventures deep into the northern forest each winter to disconnect from the extremes of our society and to reconnect with nature and the outdoors.

Cash Investigation

This acclaimed series investigates the “wonderful world” of global corporations.

Cat Hospital

Cat Hospital takes viewers inside Ireland’s first veterinary clinic exclusive for cats.

Central Asia: The Call for ISIS

Why do many people from the former Soviet Union join ISIS, in fact making up one third of ISIS's soldiers?

Chained (Agora II)

‘Chained’ is the cinematographic mosaic of a European dystopia, posing critical questions regarding the future of Avgeropoulos’ country, as well as Europe’s.

Chambord 1519-2019: The Rebirth

The Chateau opens its doors to give us an insider's view of this rebirth.

Chef Antonio's Recipes for Revolution

Chef Antonio de Benedetto is on a quest, to change the world with his delicious Italian food.

China's Big Problem: The Rise Of Obesity

In this documentary, we visit China to explain why obesity rates are rising

China's New Silk Road

Since 2013 China has invested billions into bringing the "Middle Kingdom" to the forefront of global economics and international politics.

Chocolate's Heart Of Darkness

The lucrative chocolate industry committed itself to putting an end to child labour in cacao plantations before 2006

Cities by the Sea

The series wanders through a selection of the most interesting sea cities of the world

Colours of China

China is full of surprises. The motif of colour enables us to approach the wonderfully complex and layered country.

Congo: Millionaires Of Chaos

The DRC is one of the poorest countries on the planet with one of the highest proportions of millionaires.

Conscience Point

The Hamptons: playground of the rich and home of the Shinnecock Indians.

Cooking Hawaiian Style

Cooking Hawaiian Style is more than just a cooking show, we show what makes Hawaii so special.

Country Town Pride

Country Town Pride follows transgender truck driver Holly Conroy in her bid to stage a Mardi Gras in Australia’s No. 1 Christian town.

Crash: Are We Ready For The Next Crisis?

Our sense of distrust in the markets has grown. What can be done to restore trust in the bankers?

Cruising the Baltic Sea: A Summer on the Water

A new kind of crusaders approach coastal landscapes of the Baltic Sea.

Cycling The Balkans

Jean-Hugues travels the region by bike and plunges into the history of the Balkans.

Darwin in Times Square: The Science of Urban Evolution

A fascinating science documentary showing new frontiers for life on Earth.

Days of Summer

Discover nature's life during Summer.


Decoding the Universe

Decoding The Universe focuses on deconstructing the science of space and how it affects our everyday lives.


This 3 part series is the untold story of the long violent and chaotic process of Decolonisation.

Democracy for $ale

In America, lobby groups, corporations and billionaires invest millions of dollars to ensure that the ‘right’ candidate wins elections. And it has a serious impact on people’s daily lives.

Denmark: Provoking The Limits Of Tolerance

Between a model of tolerance and an identity crisis, is Denmark becoming a nation of two minds?

Destroy Paris: Hitler’s Secret Plan

By 1944, as the Reich was crumbling, Hitler gave detailed orders for the destruction of Paris. He wanted the monuments and all the bridges mined and the city reduced to a “pile of rubble”.

Dicing With Death

We journey on some of the world’s most dangerous routes

Dino Trails

This series reveals the latest dinosaur discoveries in Canada

Does it Fart?

Does It Fart? is the fun-meets-science kids series that investigates and compares all the amazing creatures in our world who pass gas.

Dogs & Us: The Secret Of A Friendship

Dogs & Us tells the most beautiful, exciting and extraordinary real-life stories of dogs and humans around the world.

Drag Heals

Enter Canada’s first ever drag class to explore how to create a compelling drag persona based on personal experience.

Dubai International: Catering For Luxury

With about 90 million people in transit every year the Dubai airport looks like a city.

Easter Island: The Truth Revealed

This is a tiny island, lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But it stirs up passions: the Easter Island.


Echoes of the Ice Age

Mount Watzmann in the Berchtesgaden Alps. Though the ice age ended 12,000 years ago, still carries echoes of that frozen past.

Emmeline Pankhurst: The Making of a Militant

Discover the crucial and leading role of Emmeline Pankhurst and her birth place, Manchester, in the fight for women’s suffrage.

End Game: Breaking the Silence

Children who practice sports are twice as likely to experience sexual abuse or harassment than those who don’t.

ETOA Battlefield

Seventy-five years after the horrors of the Pacific War, the forgotten perspectives of the local people emerge.

Europe: The Rise of the Extreme Right

This documentary has investigated the xenophobic parties of Sweden, Italy and Spain and explains the reasons for their growth.

Exiled: The Rohingyas

‘Exiled’ unveils the story of the campaign to erase the Rohingya people and explains the roots and historical context of the violence they have suffered.



Exposure provides a first-hand look and practical guidance on treatment options for people experiencing anxiety and depression.

Extreme Constructions

We reveal how five great monuments were designed and constructed.

Extreme Tourism

Travel agencies specialising in perilous holidays are offering organised trips to war zones and even areas struck by natural or nuclear disasters.

Eyes For The Job

Eyes for the Job shares DIY projects and home renovations by Chris Judge, an enthusiast blind builder.

Family Rules

Family Rules is an observational documentary series following the lives of nine sisters and their mother Daniella.

Fascinating New Zealand

This film takes the viewer through New Zealand from the southern edge to the northernmost tip.

Fascinating Places

Explore the world’s most fascinating places.

Fashion From Africa

How does fashion farde in Africa? How is the sector managed? Is it profitable? How is it seen by the majority of the population?

Fast Fashion

Production of new clothing as fast as possible comes with serious consequences for society's consumerist appetite.

Fat Camps

We follow some obese teenagers during their three month stay in Camp Pocono. Will the camp meet all their expectations?

First Steps At The Opera

This film is the story of the young women and men chosen to live and develop their careers at the Academy of the Paris Opera.

Flight For Life

Flight For Life follows the intimate stories of the patients making the urgent medical dash to Britain.

Food Fighter

Food Fighter is the inspirational story of one woman who abandoned capitalism as she wages war on food waste.

Food For Change

Our plate is our most powerful weapon in fighting global warming and in protecting our planet.

Food Safari Water

Food Safari Water is a vibrant, comprehensive 13-part series which showcases the great seafood dishes of the world.



Sensational satellite images show how humans all over the world transform huge landscapes into amazing constructs.

For Love or Money

Investigate the criminals extorting vast amounts of money from unsuspecting victims under the guise of love.

Foreign Volunteers: In The Hell of Raqqa

Over 300 foreign volunteers chose to give up their comfortable lives and go fight ISIS in Raqqa. Follow three of them.

Francis Brennan: All Hands on Deck

Follow Francis Brennan as he sails the Baltic Sea on the 3,560-guest Regal Princess cruise ship.

Francis Brennan's Grand Tour South Africa

Francis has organised a thirteen day epic tour of South Africa from north to south!

Free Color

Carlos Cruz-Diez, is obsession: free the color from the form.

French Guiana: The Invisible Border

Through the daily lives of Guianese and Surinamese we discover the human consequences of this invisible border.

From ISS To Mars: Space, the Future Of The Earth?

This documentary follows 3 astronauts whose experiments have one destination, Mars.

Gamper: The Man Who Invented Barça

Who was Joan Gamper, and how did he come to found FC Barcelona which fills stadiums of tens of thousands?

Generation Greta

‘Generation Greta’ recounts the story of these nine incredible young women, combining moving eyewitness accounts and breathtaking archive footage.


This long running travel series takes viewers around the world to experience the highlights of popular holiday destinations.

Global Homophobia: The Roots Of Hatred

This hard-hitting documentary reveals the abuse suffered by the gay community all over the world.

Global Thermostat

Scientists are testing new geo-engineering technologies.


Glorious Bustards

The Great bustard is the Dodo of our time. In many regions the threatened species is dwindling towards extinction.

Go Further South

Sail with us to cross Australia and discover Antartica.

Go South

Travel by train from Auckland to New Zealand's deep south.

God Bless America

Despite being an officially secular country, religion is everywhere in the United States.

Going Nuts: Tales from the Squirrel World

This blue-chip documentary explores some of the most fascinating squirrel species.

Going Places with Ernie Dingo

Ernie Dingo takes viewers to a range of stunning new places and uncovers their unique stories like no other.

Golden Fish, African Fish

The Casamance Region, is one of the last refuge hubs for non-industrial fishing in West Africa, employing around 15,000 people.

Golden Voice

Golden Voice tells the story of Jean-François Marras, a young Corsican man who became a tenor at the Paris Opera at the age of twenty-six.



GolfBarons is a show for golfers, by golfers. It’s where golf and lifestyle meet head on, in a fun and comedic way.

Gorillas Under Stress

This film takes the viewer into the nature of the world's last wild mountain gorillas.


Grand Tours of Scotland's Lochs

In this new series of Grand Tours, Paul Murton explores a choice selection of lochs from the 31, 000 that adorn Scotland.


Grand Tours of Scotland's Rivers

The series showcases Scotland’s most stunning landscapes and their interaction with a human environment

Greece With My Son

Greece, a land of rich history, breathtaking scenery, beautiful people, and of course, delicious food.

Green Warriors

A series of scientific investigations into environmental scandals facing the planet.

Grizzly Encounters

As we see the world from a bear’s point of view we realize that life as bear revolves around similar essentials as our own.

Growing Sense

Novice blind gardener Milena Khazanavicius teams up with veteran ecological landscaper Rosmarie Lohnes to build an accessible garden.

Growing Up In Ecuador

Travel to the banks of the Napo River in the Ecuadorean jungle with 13-year-old Juan and his family.

Growing Up In Ladakh

Padma, 12, shares her time between boarding school, where she lives for up to 3 months without seeing her family, and her village in Ladakh.

Guatemala: Meet The Maras

The ultra-violent maras manage drug trafficking, prostitution and racketeering in the country and spread terror among the population.

H.O.N. Mission, Searching For Man's Origins

A voyage through time to find our origins, following in the footsteps of a team of scientists in the heart of the Namibian Bush!

Hayley Goes

Loveable and outspoken Millennial Hayley Pearce puts to the test the lifestyle choices that affect her generation today.

Healing Hearts

On the outskirts of Jerusalem stands Hadassah, a hospital where Israeli and Palestinian doctors join forces to save the lives of Palestinian children

Hedy Lamar, The Invention Of A Star

This documentary recounts the extraordinary destiny of a woman who knew how to play with the clichés of her era

Her Name Is Bo

Belgian journalist Bo van Spilbeeck shows her testimony of "coming out" as transexual at the age of 58.

Herders: Guardians of the Earth

The documentary series "Guardians of the Earth" pays homage to the herders' sustainable way of life.

Hikikomori: The Locked Generation

Some disappear into solitude without anyone noticing. These are the ‘Hikikomori’.


History Bites Back

Trisha Morton-Thomas teams up again Craig Anderson to bite back at negative social media comments on Australia's Aboriginal history.


Hitler’s Secret Bomb

In the final months of WW2, how close were the Nazis and Japan to creating the nuclear explosion that would win the war?


Hornby: A Model Empire

This is a fascinating look at the world of model making through the lens of the world’s most famous modelling company.

How Not To Get Cancer

Cancer surgeon Dr Richard Babor embarks on a journey to discover how to prevent cancer.


How To Paint the Mona Lisa

How to Paint the Mona Lisa reveals the secrets of this iconic masterpiece with artist Aderbanji Alade.

Human +: The Future Of Our Senses

Human + takes viewers into the enigmatic world of scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing our senses.


I’m Not a Runner

I’m Not a Runner is a film about tenacity, strength and the power of learning to trust and enjoy what your body can do.

Iberia's Woodlands

This natural history series reveals the challenges faced by the creatures that make this environment their home.

Ibiza: The Island of Two Faces

With its legendary nightlife and iconic DJs, Ibiza is famous for its party scene. But the island is also a haven for hippies and island rebels who live in caves.

Icemen: 200 Years in Antarctica

Icemen: 200 Years in Antarctica takes us on a physically hard and emotionally gripping adventure across the ice.

Immersive World

The series IMMERSIVE WORLD provides a complete overview of the new ways storytelling has been evolving.


In Search of Sir Walter Scott

Damian Barr goes in search of the legacy and lasting influence of one of Scotland’s great historical figures, novelists and poets.

In Search Of The Viking Horse

This documentary explores the link between Odin’s mythological eight legged horse and its Icelandic four legged ancestor.

In The Eyes Of The Pharaohs

In Thebes, a team of archaeologists sheds light on the famous Ramesses II, and his Ramesseum.

In the Heart of the Mountains

From the Alps, the Pyrenees to Corsica, we meet people in different lines of work who prioritize nature preservation and avoid over-exploitation of our natural resources.

Inside the Chocolate Factory

Viewers will witness the seven main stages required to make chocolate.

Is Power Hazardous To The Brain?

A fascinating delve into the arcane mysteries of politics...

Israel: Land of Contrasts

This two-part documentary takes us on a journey to a country full of contrasts and contradiction

Jackpot! Millionaires, Winners And Lottery Curses

The lotto winners find themselves in charge of an astronomical fortune and at the centre of the limelight.

Japan Faces (Fillers)

From breathtaking landscapes to innovative urban ways of life, this 5 part series takes you into Japan of the XXIst Century.


Jewels of the Alps

The lakes of Italy’s far north are known for their enchanting allure. The series ‘Jewels of the Alps’ explores the five largest of them.


Journey of the Pelicans: An Australian Outback Mystery

It’s the pelican, not the koala or the extinct Tasmanian tiger, that stands for one of the great mysteries of Australian ecology.

Journey Through a Forbidden Pakistan

We film in Pakistan, a country at political war with India for freshwater source of the Siachen Glacier, and at high religious zealot tensions.

Kashmir: War In Paradise

Kashmir has been in a constant state of war since 1947 between it Indian and Pakistan Side.

Kenya's Trapped Refugees

Located in the northern part of Kenya, the Dadaab refugee camp, has been sheltering more than 250,000 people.

Kids: An Instruction Manual

Hi-tech tools and hard science give parents an ‘instruction manual’ to get the best out of their kids.

King Coffee

Whether at the corner café, at home or with colleagues at the office, who doesn’t follow the daily ritual?

Land of the Far North

Follow the paths of its inhabitants as they lead us through rugged landscapes full of extreme contrasts and magnificent beauty.

Lebanese Beauty Queens

Watch the behind the scenes story of the Miss Lebanon Australia Beauty Pageant.


Life in Colour with David Attenborough

David Attenborough travels from Costa Rica to the Scottish Highlands to reveal the extraordinary ways that animals use colour.

Life Inside the Markets

A series showcasing the character, colour and chaos of life inside the biggest wholesale market in the southern hemisphere.

Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky

This film invites you to experience the Captain Cook story through First Nations eyes and the music of Indigenous singers and performers.

Lords Of Water

By 2050, at least one in four will live in a country suffering from water shortages.

Los Angeles: Capital Of The Sex Trade In Minors

Los Angeles is the hub of underage prostitution in the country.

Los Cabos: Trouble In Paradise

Cabo has become a favourite vacation spot for American multimillionaires… and Mexican drug traffickers.

Love And Sex

In this series, we travel across the continents to discover the differing attitudes to love and sex.

Love Me As I Am

Find out how is love for young people with intellectual or learning disabilities.

Maasai Mara, Wildlife Crossover

In Kenya, the Maasai Mara National Reserve is world famous for the richness and density of its wildlife.

Magical Iceland

This is Iceland as you have never seen it before.


Magpies: More Than Black and White

This documentary will give a fascinating insight into the lives of these remarkable and intelligent birds.


Make Nests, Not War: The Hidden Nature of Military Grounds

Northwest Germany is closed off to civilians and thus wildlife thrives. We explore the flourishing wildlife of the Senne.

Masks Off

In this up-close and personal series, we follow four women battling four different types of eating disorder.

Masters Of Bees

In a changing world because of "human activity", the bee is in danger and so is our relationship with it.

Matsalu Moose: Wild Giants Of The Baltics

The documentary shows the moose life at this very special place through the eyes of two yearlings.

Meeting Neanderthal

Archeologists make new discoveries to understand the lifestyle of Neanderthals.

Megafires: The Global Threat

For more than a decade, wildfires of unprecedented force have been devouring our lives, homes and forests at a steady pace.


Metamorphoses: The Return of the Wilderness

Nature is coming back into places where flora and fauna were once eradicated to make room for agriculture.

Mind Over Money

In Mind Over Money Nigel sets out to show us all why we behave the way we do with money.

MMA: Fighters of the Extreme

In Russia and the former USSR, the extreme combat sport MMA has become a social phenomenon. The champions are superstars, adulated by their fans and paid fortunes. More than a sport, MMA is a social e...

Mobile MD

A family physician on the Canadian prairies yearns for adventure and takes her practice on the road.

Monash & Me

Peter Greste goes in search of the man behind the Australian General, who changed the way the world fights wars; Sir John Monash.

Money Bots

Time is Money. In high frequency trading the fastest data network makes the deal.

Monkey (R)Evolution: Thailand's Diving Macaques

In a film about animals and science, we learn a lot more about our evolution and get to witness the humorous water games of these extraordinary monkeys.

Montserrat: The Pompeii Of The Caribbean

The history of this island and the people who live here is very unique and representative of what can cause a such a terrible natural disaster.

Moo! The Epic Horns

From their wild forms to the multiple domestic breeds, we see the journey of the bovine and how it is intertwined with that of human kind.

Mosul After The War

For a year, we followed the Iraqis’ efforts to rebuild their city.

My America

MY AMERICA aims to give a voice to the people who do not give up and who truly embody the ideals of the American Dream.

My Body, Their Choice

Abortion law in Argentina may have failed but the country remains firmly divided

My Lovely Village

An initiation series to discover world cultures. Each film centers around a 10 to 14-year-old child from a village community.

My Mother's Islands

New Zealand's first locally documentary made by Shirley Maddock was about Hauraki Gulf islands History. 54 years later, her daughter Elisabeth wants to recreate it.

My Year of Living Mindfully

Overwhelmed with insomnia and an incurable autoimmune disease, Shannon Harvey needed to make a change.

Namibia, Hope And Renewal

Namibia gained independence in March 1990. Thirty years later, where is the construction of this young state?


This film follows the work and life of renowned human rights lawyer, Nasrin Sotoudeh.

Nature's Dress Code: Who Wears What And Why

Nature does its best to provide all animals with the adequate wardrobe. But even in the animal kingdom, appearance is not everything.

Nature's Nurseries

This documentary offers both heartwarming and breathtaking insights into animal nurseries.


Nausicaa will re-open its doors in July 2018 as Europe's largest and most innovative aquarium.

Neanderthal, The Mystery Of The Bruniquel Cave

Discover the most ancient man-made creation, below ground, ever found!


Neighbourhood Blues

Neighbourhood Blues is a tough fly-on-the-wall documentary that not only sees the Police cracking down hard on crime.


New Land: The Islands of Marker Wadden

There is a saying: ‘God created the earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.’ Half of the Netherlands would be sea if it wasn’t for the Dutch that made dykes and polders to turn water into land....

Nicholas and Alexandra: The Letters

We explore the relationship between Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Tsarina Alexandra, and the roles they played in the lead-up to the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Nicotine, an Addictive Drug

With colorful advertising campaigns, the tobacco industry continues to target the youth with "healthy and trending" smoking products which are highly addictive and dangerous for our health.

Nisman: The Persecutor, The President And The Spy

A dead body, terrorism and Iran, the CIA and the FBI, corrupt governments and mysterious cover-ups...

Notre Dame: Even More Beautiful

In this documentary, we follow the Cathedral’s reconstruction, and the key personel charged with the responsibility of delivering President Macron’s promise.

Obesity: America In Danger

Obesity rates just keep climbing. 160 million Americans are severely overweight.


Atalya is expected to become a soldier but unlike most, she questions the practices of her country’s military.

Of Golfinch And Men

The goldfinch is like a national emblem in Algeria. Over-hunted for years, it has almost disappeared from the Algerian plains and is now poached and imported from neighboring countries.

Off The Beaten Track with Kate Humble

Kate Humble and her Welsh sheepdog Teg travel from the tip of North Wales to the south coast.

On The Great War's Menu: Food In the Heart Of The Conflict

A trip back through the history books dedicated to nutrition in 1914-1918

On The Wild Side

This documentary sheds light on the psychology of hunting and the methods of the saboteurs.

On the Wing

We discover regions around the world where people rely on small airplanes to complete daily tasks.

On Thin Ice

In the Russian Arctic, climate change is not a question anymore. It is happening, now and at a worrying pace.

One In A Thousand

The film ‘One in a Thousand’ portrays the diverse wildlife inside and alongside a stream.

Only Foals and Horses

We follow a year in the lives of two passionate horse vets.

Only In Australia

Only in Australia is an action-packed and often irreverent adventure series, following four young Australians.

Operation: Sharklift

Come with us to catch, crane-lift, and relocate several Bull Sharks to a pristine coral reef away from people.


Our African Roots

Santilla Chingaipe rips up the monocultural myth of Australia’s white narratives and colours in our nation’s history books.

Our Food, Our Family

Food gourmet Michela Chiappa travels the country to discover top secret family recipes, and the stories behind them

Our Infinite Universe

Does infinity exist? and if so, what are the implications of an infinite universe.

Out Of Europe: A New Story Of Human Evolution?

Does the history of human evolution have to be rewritten?


Outback Opal Hunters

Discover the exciting life of Australian opal hunters.

Outback Pilots

These pilots play a vital role in the ‘do-or-die’ frontier world of the Australian outback.

Outback Rabbis

OUTBACK RABBIS takes us into the remotest corners of Australia and the hidden world of the Australian Jewish community.


Outback Truckers

Men and women in monster rigs, on marathon runs along the toughest roads and loneliest highways in the world.



Overland is a documentary series of expeditions in which you will travel the world, help people or will see the effects of global warming.

Paradise Preserved

This series of documentaries tells the stories of five exceptional and fantastically beautiful landscapes.

Paradise Soldier

Paradise Soldiers talks with family members, whose grandfathers served in World War One.


Passion Italy

Passion Italy celebrates all of the things Italy is known for


Paul Merson: Football, Gambling and Me

Paul Merson sets out to understand why his life has been so badly blighted by gambling it's relationship with football.

Pedophiles 2.0

To avoid detection, more and more pedophiles turn to the darknet. We investigate.

Planet Chef

Whether they were born in Brasilia, Argentina, Japan, South Africa or even the Philippines, they all learnt how to cook in France before opening up their own restaurants.

Portugal: Europe's Wild West

This isolated corner of Europe reveals a stunning variety of creatures across a surprising diversity of landscapes.

Predator Bloodlines

The fight for survival is universal, the fight for legacy sets these five extraordinary characters and their families apart.

Prescribing Death

Lawyers and prosecutors are trying to bring an end to Big Pharma’s impunity. How did it happen?


Prey is a riveting and unflinching account of a survivor of clergy sexual abuse.

Prison For Profit

In ‘Prison for Profit’, we follow investigative journalist Ruth Hopkins and the lives of former prisoners.

Prison Life: Justice In Japan

We gained unprecedented filming access to two Japanese prisons to find out if accusations that the system is inhumane are true.

Project Planet

Five students with have been recruited to lead a sustainability mission at three Australian schools.

Psychic Kelley

Psychic Kelley is a 13x episode hour long docu-series following beloved Psychic Medium, Kelley Muise.

Pyramids Builders: New Clues

Hundreds of kilometers from the pyramids themselves, we are gaining more insight into just how they were built.

Quoll Farm

Simon Plowright, a naturalist and filmmaker, spends a year on an abandoned farm full of quolls, an almost extinct animal.

Race To The South Pole

At only 26 years old, Matthieu Tordeur undertook a-1150-km expedition by skiing from the coast of the Antarctic continent to the South Pole.

Radio Congo

Community radios struggle to cover presidential elections in Congo despite increasing political unrest, censorship and depletion of energy resources.


Rare Breed

This is an unmissable insight into the people at the heart of one of Ireland’s largest and oldest industries.

Renoir And The Girl With A Blue Ribbon

Discover the tumultuous journey of this painting whose fate is intimately linked to that of its model, Irène Cahen d’Anvers.

Research In The Heart Of Diamond

Diamond Rock, off the coast of Martinique, shelters a mysterious flora and fauna.

Resilience: Ryad Merhy

The documentary presents the daily fight of Ryad Merhy whose elegance of his sportsmanship will make him the most prominent Belgian boxer of the moment.


Rhod Gilbert Stand up to Infertility

Comedian Rhod Gilbert goes where no man wants to go: on a deep dive into the causes and the traumas of male infertility.

Rhod Gilbert: Stand Up to Shyness

Comedian Rhod Gilbert's got a secret: he’s painfully shy, and it’s no joke.

Richard Leplastrier: Framing The View

Richard Leplastrier is regarded as one of Australia’s finest architects, yet he’s anything but a household name.

Riders Of Destiny

Riders Of Destiny follows two young child jockeys whom families, health and future prospects depend on the outcome of every race...

Rohingyas: Workings Of A Crime

This film investigates the premeditated nature of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya minority.


Samaritans are a unique minority in the Middle East.

Saving Britain's Worst Zoo

The real life story of the zoo from hell.

Saving Notre Dame

In early morning hours of April 16, 2019, Paris wakes up in tears. The night before, Notre-Dame de Paris was burning at her very heart.


Science and the Ultimate Question

This program takes viewers on three fascinating journeys throughout... the ultimate question: what explains our existence?

Scrap Kings

Scrap Kings is an explosive series where the Kings of destruction blast, crush and smash their way through a variety of structures that have had their day.

Sea Lion Rescue

Two dedicated women have been tracking sea lions that are slowly being killed by nets cutting into their necks.

Searching For Winnetou

This is the story of Ojibway’s quest to understand the roots of the German Obsession with Native North Americans.


Secrets of the Celtic Grave

Mysterious ancient objects are uncovered on a Welsh sheep farm triggering a major archaeological investigation.

Seeing Canada

Canadian journalist Brandy Yanchyk explores the vibrant wonders of canada.

Seeing the USA

Seeing the USA will connect viewers to iconic experiences that the USA has to offer.


Selling Ireland's Most Exclusive Homes

Selling Ireland’s Most Exclusive Homes gives viewers a sneak peek behind the doors of Ireland’s multi-million mansions.

Shellfish, from the Sea to Our Plates

We set out to meet the fishermen and fish farmers who are constantly surpassing themselves to meet the growing demand for shellfish.

Slow News

Trump’s tweets, the ‘firehosing of falsehood’, breaking news: we are drowning in information overload.

Somalia: A Country In Free Fall

Somalia is completely out of government control. The country lives under the rule of armed Islamists who take orders from Al Qaeda.

Somewhere South

Vivian Howard digs deeper into the lesser known roots of Southern food

SOS Vessel In Distress!

Using the latest technologies and the aid of specialists, we discover the exact circumstances of these famous shipwrecks.

Sounds Of Nature

Prick up your ears and imagine you are out in the middle of nature. You hardly ever realize the amazing variety of sounds nature has to offer.

Species Invasion

This report investigates the potential dangers invasive species bring and measures being taken to curb this invasion.

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