French Guiana: The Invisible Border

Through the daily lives of Guianese and Surinamese we discover the human consequences of this invisible border.

Golden Fish, African Fish

The Casamance Region, is one of the last refuge hubs for non-industrial fishing in West Africa, employing around 15,000 people.

Is Power Hazardous To The Brain?

A fascinating delve into the arcane mysteries of politics...

Kenya's Trapped Refugees

Located in the northern part of Kenya, the Dadaab refugee camp, has been sheltering more than 250,000 people.

Radio Congo

Community radios struggle to cover presidential elections in Congo despite increasing political unrest, censorship and depletion of energy resources.

Terrorists: The Justice System's Dilemma

In Europe and Tunisia, a young democracy that provided Isis with the biggest part of foreign fighters, the problem of the return of ex-jihadists is a real issue. How to judge them?

We Are Half The World

An emotional story of the international fight for women’s suffrage, as an important step towards equal rights.