Cities by the Sea

The series wanders through a selection of the most interesting sea cities of the world

Dogs & Us: The Secret Of A Friendship

Dogs & Us tells the most beautiful, exciting and extraordinary real-life stories of dogs and humans around the world.

Dubai International: Catering For Luxury

With about 90 million people in transit every year the Dubai airport looks like a city.

Fashion From Africa

How does fashion farde in Africa? How is the sector managed? Is it profitable? How is it seen by the majority of the population?

French Guiana: The Invisible Border

Through the daily lives of Guianese and Surinamese we discover the human consequences of this invisible border.

Global Thermostat

Scientists are testing new geo-engineering technologies.

Golden Fish, African Fish

The Casamance Region, is one of the last refuge hubs for non-industrial fishing in West Africa, employing around 15,000 people.

Growing Up In Ladakh

Padma, 12, shares her time between boarding school, where she lives for up to 3 months without seeing her family, and her village in Ladakh.

Healing Hearts

On the outskirts of Jerusalem stands Hadassah, a hospital where Israeli and Palestinian doctors join forces to save the lives of Palestinian children

Israel: Land of Contrasts

This two-part documentary takes us on a journey to a country full of contrasts and contradiction


Jewels of the Alps

The lakes of Italy’s far north are known for their enchanting allure. The series ‘Jewels of the Alps’ explores the five largest of them.

Masters Of Bees

In a changing world because of "human activity", the bee is in danger and so is our relationship with it.

My Lovely Village

An initiation series to discover world cultures. Each film centers around a 10 to 14-year-old child from a village community.

Namibia, Hope And Renewal

Namibia gained independence in March 1990. Thirty years later, where is the construction of this young state?

Of Golfinch And Men

The goldfinch is like a national emblem in Algeria. Over-hunted for years, it has almost disappeared from the Algerian plains and is now poached and imported from neighboring countries.

Radio Congo

Community radios struggle to cover presidential elections in Congo despite increasing political unrest, censorship and depletion of energy resources.


Samaritans are a unique minority in the Middle East.

The Danube

This film series presents nature and people along the Danube and gives insights into their different lives that are shaped by the river.

These Traces That Remain

In 1942, Jacques is arrested by the Feldgendarmerie for possession of weapons. Nobody knew what happened to him after that...