Banquet of the Beasts: The Cycle of Life

What happens when an animal perishes in the depths of the forest? Who clears up the remains?

Darwin in Times Square: The Science of Urban Evolution

A fascinating science documentary showing new frontiers for life on Earth.

Dubai International: Catering For Luxury

With about 90 million people in transit every year the Dubai airport looks like a city.

Global Thermostat

Scientists are testing new geo-engineering technologies.

Is Power Hazardous To The Brain?

A fascinating delve into the arcane mysteries of politics...


New Land: The Islands of Marker Wadden

There is a saying: ‘God created the earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.’ Half of the Netherlands would be sea if it wasn’t for the Dutch that made dykes and polders to turn water into land....

On The Great War's Menu: Food In the Heart Of The Conflict

A trip back through the history books dedicated to nutrition in 1914-1918

On Thin Ice

In the Russian Arctic, climate change is not a question anymore. It is happening, now and at a worrying pace.

Out Of Europe: A New Story Of Human Evolution?

Does the history of human evolution have to be rewritten?

Research In The Heart Of Diamond

Diamond Rock, off the coast of Martinique, shelters a mysterious flora and fauna.

The Ice Floe Requiem

Ludovic Moreau is a geophysicist who seeks to unravel a mystery: why does the ice pack melt faster than in the forecasts?