Archeologist, Peter Eeckhout, travels to meet his colleagues, unpacks their research, and reveals their latest findings around the world.

H.O.N. Mission, Searching For Man's Origins

A voyage through time to find our origins, following in the footsteps of a team of scientists in the heart of the Namibian Bush!

Meeting Neanderthal

Archeologists make new discoveries to understand the lifestyle of Neanderthals.

On The Great War's Menu: Food In the Heart Of The Conflict

A trip back through the history books dedicated to nutrition in 1914-1918

Out Of Europe: A New Story Of Human Evolution?

Does the history of human evolution have to be rewritten?


Samaritans are a unique minority in the Middle East.

SOS Vessel In Distress!

Using the latest technologies and the aid of specialists, we discover the exact circumstances of these famous shipwrecks.

These Traces That Remain

In 1942, Jacques is arrested by the Feldgendarmerie for possession of weapons. Nobody knew what happened to him after that...

Trek To The Celestial Mountains

Writer Cédric Gras follows in the footsteps of Stalinist mountaineers in Kyrgyzstan.

We Are Half The World

An emotional story of the international fight for women’s suffrage, as an important step towards equal rights.