Accidental Wilderness: Europe's Everglades

What used to be dirty water from the city of Münster, was transformed into refuge to some of the most threatened animals.

Africa’s Wild Roommates - How Animals Share Bed and Board

Many roommates from different species live together. From small insects, reptiles and birds to large mammals.


Archeologist, Peter Eeckhout, travels to meet his colleagues, unpacks their research, and reveals their latest findings around the world.

Banquet of the Beasts: The Cycle of Life

What happens when an animal perishes in the depths of the forest? Who clears up the remains?

Beasts and Witches

Animals become the victims of our fears. Why not challenge those beliefs?

Cruising the Baltic Sea: A Summer on the Water

A new kind of crusaders approach coastal landscapes of the Baltic Sea.

Cycling The Balkans

Jean-Hugues travels the region by bike and plunges into the history of the Balkans.

Darwin in Times Square: The Science of Urban Evolution

A fascinating science documentary showing new frontiers for life on Earth.

Days of Summer

Discover nature's life during Summer.


Echoes of the Ice Age

Mount Watzmann in the Berchtesgaden Alps. Though the ice age ended 12,000 years ago, still carries echoes of that frozen past.

Fascinating Places

Explore the world’s most fascinating places.


Glorious Bustards

The Great bustard is the Dodo of our time. In many regions the threatened species is dwindling towards extinction.

Going Nuts: Tales from the Squirrel World

This blue-chip documentary explores some of the most fascinating squirrel species.

Gorillas Under Stress

This film takes the viewer into the nature of the world's last wild mountain gorillas.

Grizzly Encounters

As we see the world from a bear’s point of view we realize that life as bear revolves around similar essentials as our own.

Growing Up In Ecuador

Travel to the banks of the Napo River in the Ecuadorean jungle with 13-year-old Juan and his family.

Growing Up In Ladakh

Padma, 12, shares her time between boarding school, where she lives for up to 3 months without seeing her family, and her village in Ladakh.

Herders: Guardians of the Earth

The documentary series "Guardians of the Earth" pays homage to the herders' sustainable way of life.


Jewels of the Alps

The lakes of Italy’s far north are known for their enchanting allure. The series ‘Jewels of the Alps’ explores the five largest of them.


Journey of the Pelicans: An Australian Outback Mystery

It’s the pelican, not the koala or the extinct Tasmanian tiger, that stands for one of the great mysteries of Australian ecology.

Land of the Far North

Follow the paths of its inhabitants as they lead us through rugged landscapes full of extreme contrasts and magnificent beauty.

Magical Iceland

This is Iceland as you have never seen it before.


Magpies: More Than Black and White

This documentary will give a fascinating insight into the lives of these remarkable and intelligent birds.


Make Nests, Not War: The Hidden Nature of Military Grounds

Northwest Germany is closed off to civilians and thus wildlife thrives. We explore the flourishing wildlife of the Senne.

Masters Of Bees

In a changing world because of "human activity", the bee is in danger and so is our relationship with it.

Matsalu Moose: Wild Giants Of The Baltics

The documentary shows the moose life at this very special place through the eyes of two yearlings.

Meeting Neanderthal

Archeologists make new discoveries to understand the lifestyle of Neanderthals.


Metamorphoses: The Return of the Wilderness

Nature is coming back into places where flora and fauna were once eradicated to make room for agriculture.

Monkey (R)Evolution: Thailand's Diving Macaques

In a film about animals and science, we learn a lot more about our evolution and get to witness the humorous water games of these extraordinary monkeys.

Nature's Dress Code: Who Wears What And Why

Nature does its best to provide all animals with the adequate wardrobe. But even in the animal kingdom, appearance is not everything.

Nature's Nurseries

This documentary offers both heartwarming and breathtaking insights into animal nurseries.


New Land: The Islands of Marker Wadden

There is a saying: ‘God created the earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.’ Half of the Netherlands would be sea if it wasn’t for the Dutch that made dykes and polders to turn water into land....

Of Golfinch And Men

The goldfinch is like a national emblem in Algeria. Over-hunted for years, it has almost disappeared from the Algerian plains and is now poached and imported from neighboring countries.

On Thin Ice

In the Russian Arctic, climate change is not a question anymore. It is happening, now and at a worrying pace.

One In A Thousand

The film ‘One in a Thousand’ portrays the diverse wildlife inside and alongside a stream.

Out Of Europe: A New Story Of Human Evolution?

Does the history of human evolution have to be rewritten?

Paradise Preserved

This series of documentaries tells the stories of five exceptional and fantastically beautiful landscapes.

Portugal: Europe's Wild West

This isolated corner of Europe reveals a stunning variety of creatures across a surprising diversity of landscapes.

Research In The Heart Of Diamond

Diamond Rock, off the coast of Martinique, shelters a mysterious flora and fauna.

Stories Of The Mediterranean Forest

The Mediterranean Basin is one of the planet’s most biologically rich and complex regions.

The Danube

This film series presents nature and people along the Danube and gives insights into their different lives that are shaped by the river.

The Ice Floe Requiem

Ludovic Moreau is a geophysicist who seeks to unravel a mystery: why does the ice pack melt faster than in the forecasts?

The Magical Four: Our Seasons

The film takes us on a breathtaking journey of discovery through indigenous nature.

The Meadow - Paradise Lost?

“The Meadow“ answers the question why this natural paradise next door is worth protecting .


The Otter: A Legend Returns

The Netherlands has left little space for natural ecosystems due to the population. Yet, a big male otter makes his unlikely appearance.

The Rhône: From The Swiss Alps To The Camargue

This film portrays the Rhône as the life blood of Switzerland and the South of France and asks about the river's future.

The Secret Life Of Cows

These films tell the story of some quite surprising aspects of a cow’s life.


They Came to Stay: Our Alien Animal Neighbours

Invasive species- friend or foe? When is an animal species actually “native”? Or is constant change in nature not the rule?

Trek To The Celestial Mountains

Writer Cédric Gras follows in the footsteps of Stalinist mountaineers in Kyrgyzstan.

Vltava: River Of Gold

In the Bohemian Forest lies the source of the Vltava River. Fed by its tributaries of the Cold and Warm Vltava.

Wild Garden

A family living close to a big city accepted the challenge to change their garden into a real shelter for biodiversity.

Wild Horses: A Tale from the Puszta

The film is a journey into horses' secret world, told through the eyes of the growing baby horse.


Zoo Life

Zoo Life looks at some of the behind-the-scenes at zoos and their importance beyond entertainment purposes.